Erie County Division 1 of the Ancient Order of Hibernians is proud to announce the NYS Ancient Order of Hibernians will be hosting the 2017 State Convention in WNY.  

More Information will be available soon! We are looking forward for this opportunity to showcase the Buffalo/Niagara Region in the Summer of 2017! 

Next Meeting 

March 28th, 2016
Buffalo Irish Center
245 Abbott Road 
Buffalo, NY 14220 

Welcome to the Thomas Carroll, Erie County Divison 1 of the Ancient Order of Hibernians

Thomas Carroll Division members James O'Brien and Craig Speers will be joining local discussions regarding the 150th Anniversary of the Fenian Raids. There will be seperate events both being held at the Buffalo History Museum, 1 Museum Ct. Buffalo, NY 14216. 

James O'Brien will be part of the panel discussion "The Free Ireland Perspective of the Fenian Raids" on April 6th at 6:00pm

Craig Speers will be part of the lecture "Fenianism and the Centennial of the Easter Uprising" on April 27th at 6:00pm 

Link to "The Free Ireland Perspective of the Fenian Invasion" Discussion

Link to "Fenianism and the Centennial of the Easter Uprising"

The Thomas Carroll Division is proud to welcome you to our new home page. You will find a wealth of information regarding our division and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. 

Divsion Members to Join Panel Discussions about Fenian Raids